4 Sustainability

Chemical Management


A good chemical management system – built according to an approach to the process, as well as to the product – is probably the best example of applied sustainability. The process of eliminating toxic chemicals that are harmful to human health and the environment, in fact, passes through the control of the entire production cycle: from the introduction of raw materials into the company (input) to the various stages of production (process ), the management of effluents and the placing on the market of the product (output).

The protocol: our way to chem

The Chemical Management 4sustainability® protocol for the elimination of toxic and harmful chemicals arises, consistently with the ZDHC methodology, from the synthesis of what brands require from companies in the supply chain and from the analysis of the related verification methods. A match between demand and responsiveness oriented towards the gradual achievement of shared objectives through a single management system, to be achieved through the project properly understood, regular training and updating activities and constant monitoring over time.

Brachi Testing Services is the technical partner for chemical risk assessment